• Image of e9 mk1 Wookies Edition Stool
  • Image of e9 mk1 Wookies Edition Stool
  • Image of e9 mk1 Wookies Edition Stool
  • Image of e9 mk1 Wookies Edition Stool
  • Image of e9 mk1 Wookies Edition Stool

100% designed in @adskfusion360. Verifying fit, finish, and placement of each of the 325 pcs that went into every stool. They're absolute perfection in every sense of the word and I spared no expense designing, making, fabricating, and finishing the tiniest of details. Utilizing several methods to create the various components. Cnc machining aluminum threaded spacers, laser cutting both mild and stainless steel, water jetting and machine rolling 12g mild steel for the foot rests, manually drilling 1" steel acme nuts, cutting/grinding acme rod, and cnc cutting the maple wood tops. All parts were hand assembled, clamped, and tig welded. Stainless footrests and WITW backings were individually brushed to maintain consistency. After branding an e9 logo on each maple top, they were sanded, stained, and wet sanded in multiple steps for a flawless finish. The welded stools were then media blasted and finished with prismatic powders mini texture black on all surfaces and illusion red with high gloss on the acme handles. The delicate final steps of installing the 40 machined spacers, brushed stainless footrest, and logo backings with 240 pieces of stainless hardware was done by hand to ensure fitment and proper torque.

Parts list include:
20pcs - Laser cut 12gauge mild steel
5pcs - Laser cut 304 stainless 
2pcs - Waterjet and rolled
40pcs - T6-6061 machined threaded spacers
100pcs - 304 Stainless screws
100psc - 304 Stainless bevel washers
1pc - 1" Acme threaded rod
3pcs - Acme nuts
1pc - CNC maple seat w/ branded e9 logo
1pc - Cast iron acme handle
4pcs - Low profile stainless and non marring poly casters
20pcs - 304 Stainless washers 
20pcs - 304 Stainless locking nuts
8pcs - Weld studs

I'm beyond thrilled with the outcome and my only regret is all the details come at a price. I hope the few that own them appreciate them for more than just something cool to sit on. Pricing for each stool is $1349 plus shipping(TBD).

I have to finish welding these up once sold, currently just tacked. So between that, cutting seats, and getting them powder coated, expect about 3-4 weeks build time. Owners will have a few options on feet or casters and I'll be in touch after the sale..

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